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*PNDA stands for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety – but this year we’re expanding our definition to include a more diverse experience of mental health.

Approximately 1 in 5 new and expectant birth parents and up to 1 in 10 non-birth parents experience PNDA.


PNDA doesn't just affect new mums, it can happen to all sorts of parents: dads and non-birth parents, trans and gender diverse birth parents, and gestational surrogates. Foster carers, adoptive parents, and extended family can also experience perinatal mental health issues surrounding the arrival of a new baby or child.

Across Australia, 100,000 families are affected by PNDA every year.

Are you are in a crisis or need urgent help?


What is PNDA?

Most new parents and caregivers have ups and downs. What makes PNDA different?


Have a look here for more resources, including personal stories, community-specific resources.


This PNDA Week, we are sharing signs and symptoms to look out for in yourself or the people around you.

Stress Less Tips

Have a look at some ways to help reduce stress with tips for parents and caregivers, and their support networks.